Here it is parents and students-our own website!! Be patient, because I’m still juggling several things and I’m doing my best to keep up this site and change things as we go. Bookmark the home page and please any help or suggestions will and is always, greatly appreciated.

Next Week is BYOD to Science. Bring your own device with a pair of cheap headphones to use in class. There are a few things to keep in mind, you’re responsible for your device, please follow the procedures of class, school, and district, and make sure you’re focused on your assignment. Parents, I can house a few devices in my cabinets which lock, but not all devices; I’m willing to offer this to help out and keep them safe.

Parents:  If you have an old device such as Kindles, Apple, and/or Samsung devices, please consider donating them to the classroom for our students to use. I’ve went from 4 devices to 12, but my goal is to have a device in the hand of every student in my class and for that, I need your help. Even if it has a broken screen, I’m willing to pay to have it repaired so my students can use it. I will need your permission to obtain the device so the students don’t bring in something you don’t agree with or want to be given away. I can pay a little for some new models or devices, but if it needs to be repaired, I have to take that in account. Thank you for your kind and generous attitude in helping the students becoming successful everyday.

Progress Reports will go out next week (I believe), remember parents and students, this is the 1/2 mark and you have another 4 1/2 weeks to improve your grade. Please work, study and focus on your job everyday and you’ll hit your mark every time.

Parents:  Make sure you’re signed up for my REMIND and for Parent Portal.  REMIND for students who are in my 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th period classes are:  @escience23

For my gifted-7th period class, the code is:  @giftedes23

Douglas County Website:     This website will give you a plethora of options, parent/student portal, schools, district information, and much much more. Be sure to bookmark this page as well.

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